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Secondary used paper making bottles for raw materials


The new process of making packaging bottles from waste paper has been successfully developed by Kao Corporation of Japan. This technology can be used as a packaging container for bleach, shampoo, and the like.

The new process uses plastic molding methods to make bottles and caps. The main procedure is: first put the recycled waste paper into water for immersion; then use a beater to form pulp; pulp is injected into a metal mold and dried. That is, all kinds of bottles.

This type of bottle can be used to contain powdered solids. If the bottles are waterproofed and coated with a thin layer of plastic, they can hold liquid detergent.

The bottles produced by this process are beautiful and practical, can be mass-produced, and the cost is lower than that of commonly used plastic bottles. And, it can be recycled and it can be biodegraded after it is discarded.

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